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Minnesota Counselors & Therapist CE Classes

At Lewis Family Wellness, we believe in the continual growth and development of mental health professionals. Our Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offerings serve as a beacon for those seeking to expand their expertise and stay up-to-date with contemporary practices in the field of therapy.

Our CEU courses are not just educational sessions; they are immersive experiences crafted by our team of seasoned therapists. Our counseling team brings years of experience, infusing each course with practical insights, case studies, and the latest research to ensure every participant gains invaluable knowledge applicable to real-world therapy settings.

Professional Training

Designed for the next generation of therapists, our CEU training for licensed and pre-licensed clinicians is a pivotal stepping stone in  work as effective therapists. These courses are intended to provide a holistic understanding of the intricacies of counseling, from foundational theories to advanced clinical techniques.

Our CEU Training Process

Enlightening. Applicable. Accessible. Our CEU training process is meticulous and versatile, aiming to cater to the diverse needs of mental health professionals of all education and training backgrounds. We offer courses in virtual and in-person settings, helping to ensure accessibility and flexibility without compromising on the depth and quality of the content.

Our online course platform allows participants to engage with the material at their own pace while benefiting from interactive elements and direct guidance from our experienced instructors.

Current CEU Training

SVGMicroskills Refresher Training

Training Dates: Online Course

CEUs: 2 (TBD Approvals)

Course Description:

In this course, therapists will revisit fundamental micro-skills vital for effective counseling. Through role-plays, case studies, and live demonstrations, participants will refine their communication techniques, active listening skills, and non-verbal cues.

SVGBusiness Development for Therapists

Training Dates: Online Course

CEUs: 2 (TBD Approvals)

Course Description:

This course explores the business side of therapy practice, addressing topics like marketing, client acquisition, practice management, and ethical considerations when operating a counseling business.

SVGPersonal Growth and Creating a Development Plan

Training Dates: Online Course

CEUs: 4 (TBD Approvals)

Course Description:

Participants will engage in self-reflective exercises aimed at personal and professional growth. By crafting individualized development plans, therapists can set clear objectives for enhancing their practice and personal well-being.

SVGLife Planning: From Birth to Death

Training Dates: Online Course

CEUs: 2 (TBD Approvals)

Course Description:

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of life transitions, guiding therapists on how to assist clients in navigating crucial life events across different stages, fostering resilience and preparedness.

Further Your Counseling Career With Us!

At Lewis Family Wellness, our goal isn’t to merely exist as a therapy training institute; we strive to provide a nurturing environment to all those who enter, serving as a place where counseling professionals can grow, learn, and inspire.

Whether you’re looking to excel in the fields of individual therapy , couples therapy , family therapy , or group therapy , we have the team, resources, and courses in place to help further your counseling career in the areas of your specialties and expertise.

Ready to discover all of the limitless opportunities for growth and development in your counseling career? Be sure to check out our careers page and join us in shaping the future of mental health counseling in Minneapolis and beyond!

meet the team

At Lewis Family Wellness, our team embodies a wealth of experience, empathy, and dedication. We understand the importance of ongoing learning and development in the field of therapy, and through our commitment to professional growth, we aim to inspire and empower the next generation of compassionate therapists.

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