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Intake Appointments At Lewis Family Wellness

Embarking on a journey towards healing and personal growth starts with the crucial first step: an intake appointment at Lewis Family Wellness. This initial meeting serves as an entry point to our compassionate and comprehensive therapy services.

Our goal is to offer a safe space where you're encouraged to speak candidly, allowing our expert therapists to process and understand your unique needs. During your intake appointment, we’ll help provide you with more clarity when it comes to navigating your way through all the therapy options applicable to your goals and objectives.

Explore All Your Therapy Options

Through open dialogue, we’ll explore a spectrum of therapeutic modalities tailored to address your specific concerns. Whether you seek individual therapy for personal growth, family therapy for relational harmony, or group therapy for community support, our counseling team will ensure that you're guided toward the most suitable and effective therapy path.

Our Intake Appointment Process

The intake appointment at Lewis Family Wellness is a pivotal moment where your story unfolds, and your journey toward healing begins. Our empathetic therapists will engage in active listening, encouraging you to express your feelings, thoughts, and objectives in order to help you better understand all your counseling options.

Essentially, this in-depth conversation helps us grasp the intricacies of your challenges, aspirations, and goals, laying the foundation for personalized therapy. You can always read more about what to expect when considering any of the therapy services we have to offer.

What To Expect From Scheduling An Intake Appointment

Scheduling an intake appointment signifies your commitment to self-care and growth. It's a dedicated time where you're heard without judgment, fostering an environment of trust and understanding.

Through an open dialogue, you'll be able to voice your concerns, fears, and hopes, paving the way for a collaborative therapeutic relationship. Here’s what you can expect to experience during your intake appointment:

SVGDiscuss Presenting Problems

During the initial stages of the intake process, clients embark on a journey of self-disclosure, entrusting therapists with the intricacies of their personal narratives. This crucial first step involves clients openly sharing the dynamics within their families, the events shaping their lives, and the underlying reasons that have led them to seek therapy.

SVGReview Goals

At Lewis Family Wellness, your goals are paramount. The intake session revolves around understanding your aspirations for therapy. Whether seeking stress management techniques, resolution of family conflicts, or enhancing communication skills, our therapists collaborate with you to outline clear and achievable goals.

SVGExplore Resources

Beyond therapy sessions, our commitment extends to connecting you with relevant resources and support networks within the community. We believe a comprehensive approach to wellness involves leveraging available resources that complement and enhance your therapy experience.

SVGNext Steps

Post-intake, your therapist will synthesize the information gathered during the appointment to create a tailored treatment plan. This plan delineates the recommended therapy options, potential session frequency, and strategies specifically designed to address your concerns effectively.

Talk to Trained Counselors

Making the decision to actively seek help to improve your mental well-being is often a trying and difficult process. At Lewis Family Wellness, we strive to make exploring your options when it comes to therapy as simple as possible, which is why we’re proud to employ a team of trained and certified therapy professionals who have vast experience in providing their clients with the help they need to thrive.

During the intake, our empathetic and qualified therapists create a supportive space, encouraging you to share your thoughts, feelings, and struggles openly. They leverage their expertise to provide guidance and support, fostering an atmosphere conducive to healing and growth.

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The Lewis Family Wellness team comprises dedicated professionals committed to your well-being. Our therapists are passionate about providing the necessary guidance and support to ensure a transformative therapeutic journey.