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Group Therapy

Group Therapy Services in Brooklyn Park, MN

At Lewis Family Wellness, our commitment to comprehensive mental health care extends to our group therapy services. These sessions provide a unique and supportive environment for individuals to explore personal challenges, foster connections, and develop essential skills for healthier living.

Our group therapy sessions offer a multifaceted approach to enhancing well-being, focusing on developing essential skills for emotional regulation, stress management, effective communication, and conflict resolution. Through engaging in these therapy sessions, our clients can acquire practical tools to navigate life's complexities and establish more fulfilling relationships.

Improve Skills & Relationships One Session At A Time

From stress management groups that incorporate mindfulness techniques to cognitive-behavioral strategies that help participants identify stressors, learn to manage emotions, heal from past traumas, and learn new ways of engaging with others through a supportive network within the group.

Safe & Supportive Group Therapy Environments

Creating a safe and nurturing space is the cornerstone of our group therapy approach. Our therapists cultivate an atmosphere characterized by trust, empathy, and confidentiality. Participants in our group sessions find solace in expressing themselves openly, knowing that they are surrounded by peers who understand and offer genuine support.

Each group's atmosphere is carefully nurtured by our therapists, ensuring each member feels heard and valued. This environment encourages deeper self-reflection and fosters a sense of belonging, which is crucial in the healing process.

Group Therapy Tailored to Your Needs

Our range of group therapy sessions caters to diverse needs and preferences. From psychoeducational groups focusing on skill-building to process-oriented groups delving into relationship dynamics, each session is designed to address specific concerns. Here are some of the upcoming group therapy sessions we have available to enroll in:

SVGIdentity, Purpose & Life Meaning (February 13 - March 19, 2024 | July 2 - August 6, 2024)

Purpose: This is a process group designed for women to explore their identity, purpose, and meaning of life.

Objective: The objective of this group is to assist participants in exploring their identity and understanding the meaning of life and the plan that God has designed for their lives. Participants will experience multiple activities to increase self-awareness and answer specific questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is God’s plan for my life? By the end of the group, participants will have a clear understanding of their identity in Christ and a clear understanding and actionable plan for their lives.

Duration: 6 weeks

SVGAnger Management (March 5 - April 23, 2024)

Purpose: This is a skills group designed for men and women to learn how to manage anger and develop increased emotional intelligence.

Objective: The objective of this group is to assist participants in learning to manage anger effectively. Participants will learn about the sources of anger, how to monitor anger, and responses to triggers. Additionally, participants will learn emotional regulation skills to develop self-control over their thoughts and actions. Lastly, participants will learn how to eliminate violence or the threat of violence against others.

Duration: 8 weeks

SVGHealing the Mother Wound (May 7-June 4, 2024 | September 10 – October 15, 2024)

Purpose: This is a process group designed for women to heal from wounds they received from mother-daughter relationships.

Objective: The objective of this group is to help participants identify wounds that they carry from their mother-daughter relationships. Through a supportive biblical lens and group interaction model, participants will gain awareness of mother wounds, unresolved issues, lies, and other barriers that continue to hold problems in place. Through evidence-based psychotherapy group models, biblical truths, and psychoeducation, participants will learn new skills and use tools to overcome wounds; participants will be empowered to partner with God, receive healing, and live a healthy life.

Duration: 6 weeks

SVGInterracial Couples (May 7 - 28, 2024)

Purpose: This is a process and skills group designed for interracial couples (cis-gender men and women only).

Objective: The objective of this group is to provide a safe and nurturing space for interracial couples who come from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds. Often, diversity of backgrounds results in conflicts, misunderstandings, and discrimination within the relationship. In this group, participants will explore cultural similarities and differences, develop effective communication skills, and navigate the issues challenging the couple. By the end of the group, participants will have stronger and more resilient relationships and have the skills to be more connected, empathetic, and respectful toward one another.

Duration: 4 weeks

How Can Group Therapy Help You?

Group therapy offers a wealth of benefits beyond individual counseling. Engaging in group sessions allows individuals to witness diverse perspectives, receive constructive feedback, and offer support to others.

Sharing these insights can inspire others to explore new ways to navigate their own challenges. For more information regarding our group therapy enrollment process or to schedule an appointment, fill out our contact form to be put in touch with a member of our therapy team right away.

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