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Lewis Family Wellness Therapy and Training Institute offers professional development training throughout the year. Offerings are appropriate for LMFTs, LPCs, LPCCs, and independently licensed social workers to obtain CEUs. Additionally, these offerings support the development of prelicensed clinicians and interns.

Integrating Faith and Spirituality Into Clinical Work
Training Dates: Online Course - Use Pay button below and the course will be emailed
Time: N/A
CEUs: 4  (MN BMFT and BBHT Approved)

Cost: $100.00

Course Description:

Faith and spirituality are cultural identifiers that many clients want integrated into their individual, marriage (couple), and family counseling sessions. Current research shows that faith and spirituality are strengths that help couples and families improve mental wellness and relationship interactions. Too often, therapists are uncomfortable with topics related to faith and spirituality and avoid integrating them into the sessions. This course teaches participants practical approaches to integrating faith and spirituality into counseling sessions in a culturally sensitive way. Additionally, participants will develop comfort and improve their competency in using faith and spirituality with clients.

Participants will learn the history of faith and spirituality in counseling. They will learn practical approaches to improve their intake processes, initial sessions, and subsequent sessions while integrating clients' faith and spirituality identifiers into the sessions. Participants will address and resolve their fears and discomfort with faith and spirituality in sessions to improve their therapeutic alliances, empathy, and overall professional identity. Upon completing the course, participants will have a working knowledge and ability to apply the principles learned from the workshop.

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Course Objectives

  1. Participants will learn about current research related to faith and spirituality in counseling and therapy.

  2. Participants will identify areas of discomfort when working with clients and faith/spirituality in therapy sessions.

  3. Participants will explore personal values, beliefs, and worldviews to increase self-awareness and professional identity (small/large groups).

  4. Participants will learn to incorporate cultural aspects of a biopsychosocial to broach conversations with clients about faith and spirituality using role play.

  5. Participants will learn and demonstrate the use of two interventions to integrate faith and spirituality into therapy sessions.

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Course Evaluation & CEUs

Participants must complete a written exam with a passing score of 85% or higher to earn four (4) continuing education credits. Evaluations are scored electronically and certificates are distributed by email.

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Registration & Payment

Register for the courses by clicking "Buy Now." ($100/person)

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